Between The Blast Furnaces And the Dizziness, A Selection of Poems: 1970-1999

by Milo De Angelis

Translated and Introduced by Emanuel Di Pasquale.
Chelsea Editions.
195 pgs. $15.00 (ISBN: 0-9725271-0-9)

All agree that translation is an art mirroring an art, and award-winning poet/translator Emanuel Di Pasquale gives us a notable modern Italian we could not know otherwise.De Angelis is a modernist in the truest sense.His thoughtforms, abstract and passionate, remind us of cubism, with its many angles, attitudes, inventions.We are glad this book is available because many European authors are making strides just out of our sight.Here is a mind unfettered, and Di Pasquale brings out every nuance with style and reach.He presents the language of classicism like jazz; one feels antiquity along with the avant-garde magically combined.