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August 2020

Gaia’s Lament: A Call to Awaken

Prologue by Rafael Jesús González
Despierta EE UU. America!” by Rafael Jesús González (Poem)
Wake Up U.S. America!” by Rafael Jesús González (Poem)
Bracelets of Thorns” by Calder Lowe (Poem)
Why not attend the bird” by Robert S. Pesich (Poem)
The Weight of the World Above Us” by Jill Delaney (Essay)
Earth Saving” by Lara Gularte (Poem)
Southern Alps, New Zealand” by Kathie Isaac-Luke (Poem)
Silk Road” by Kathie Isaac-Luke (Poem)
Lines from Rachel Carson’s 1955 book, The Edge of the Sea, mis-shelved among magazines and reference works” by Lita Kurth (Fiction)
Introduction to “CLIMIES” by Michael J. Vaughn (chapter from a novel)
Carbon Sink” – by Michael J. Vaughn (Chapter 18 from his novel “CLIMIES”)
Another Sunny Day in Paradise” by Cynthia Benson (Fiction)
I Spy” by Robert S. Pesich (Poem)
According to Kavenaugh, Even Wayward Celtics Heard God Singing in the Trees” by Jean Emerson (Poem)
Listening” by B.L.P Simmons (Poem)
The Divine Milieu” by Phil Johnson” (Poem)
Study for the Joy of Life” by Antony Oldknow (Poem)
Blackbirds” by Jean Emerson (Poem)
Mama’s Bedroom During an Earlier War” by Kathie Isaac-Luke (Poem)
Missing in Action” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
White Crosses” by Mary Lou Taylor (Prose Poem)
Black Feather” by Calder Lowe (Poem)
Gulfs of War” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Poem)
Borders” by Robert S. Pesich (Poem)
She Without A Home” by Lara Gularte (Poem)
Bay Area Rapid Transit” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Poem)
Who We Are” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
Contact tracing” by Robert S. Pesich (Poem)
Refugees” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
River of Reward” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
Miss Lady” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Fiction)
Random Crossing” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Poem)
You Ask About Resistance And How We Can Keep Going I Say It Is” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
Untying The Wind” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
Night Meditation” by Tom McKeown (Poem)
Gabriela Mistral’s Stars” by Calder Lowe (Poem)
Voices of Legion” by Paul Dunlap (Poem)
Interior Of Light” by Tom McKeown (Poem)
Universal Peace Logo designed by Rafael Jesús González
Epilogue – Aqui por vida” by Rafael Jesús González (Poem)
Epilogue – Here for life” by Rafael Jesús González (Poem)
My Three Suns by Michael J. Vaughn (Painting)

January 2020 Issue

Zooming In: 30 Photos by Phil Johnson

October 2016 Issue

“STAIRS” by Stacy McKenney Norr (Photo)

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day Issue

“I am the resolution” by B.L.P. Simmons (Poem)

April 2016 Issue

“January 20” by Patricia McKeown (Poem)
“Thaw” by Patricia McKeown (Poem)
“Hobgoblins” by Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen (Flash Fiction)
“Service” by Michael J. Vaughn (Poem)
“Desert Honey” by Kathleen Powers-Vermaelen (Flash Fiction)
“The Night of Delete” by Cleo Griffith (Poem)
“A Little Drop of Poison” by Cleo Griffith (Poem)
“Drought” by Kara Arguello (Poem)
“Gardener’s Delight” by Lita Kurth (Flash Fiction)
“Hideaway” by Kara Arguello (Poem)
“Fishing for the Moon in the Water” by Kara Arguello (Poem)
“Sojourn of the Soul” by Cynthia Benson (Flash Fiction)
“Dear Tania” by Kara Arguello (Poem)

September 2015 Issue

“Get Lit” by Geoffrey Young (Poem)
“Sympathy for the Penis” by Robert S. Pesich (Poem)
“Crazy Little Thing…” by Dixie Salazar (Poem)
“My South” by Wendy Taylor Carlisle (Poem)
“Poem That Ends With An Overheard Line” by Wendy Taylor Carlisle (Poem)
“Cowboys, Ballgames” by Wendy Taylor Carlisle (Prose Poem)
“Jimmie Durante in the Afterlife” by Wendy Taylor Carlisle (Poem)
“My Way” by Paul Dunlap (Short Story)
“Sonata” by Michael J. Vaughn (Prose Poem)

Father’s Day Tribute

“Wonder” by Paul Dunlap

Mother’s Day Tribute

“Visitation” by Kelly Cressio-Moeller (Poem)
“Forever 21     summer, 2012” by Dixie Salazar (Poem)

April 2015 Issue

“Response to the Raging Penis in Effie’s Lounge” by Michael J. Vaughn (Prose Poem)
“Frank” by Phil Johnson (Poem)
“Pow!” by Phil Johnson (Poem)
“Witness” by Paul Dunlap (Poem)
“Everything Is On Its Way To Gone” by Calder Lowe (Poem)
“I Force Myself Not to See You Standing There” by Mark Heinlein (Poem)
“He pays himself first…” by Mark Heinlein (Prose Poem)
“4:30 a.m., I’ve dreamed I’ve come home” by Mark Heinlein (Prose Poem)
“Darling, it’s spring” by Mark Heinlein (Prose Poem)
“Green Arrow” by Dixie Salazar (Poem)

January 2015 Issue

“Tick” by Veronica Patterson (Prose Poem)
“Open Your Eyes (After Phil Levine)” by Dixie Salazar (Poem)
“The Shape of Grief” by Lara Gularte (Prose Poem)
“Heart, River” by Lita Kurth (Flash Fiction)
“A Passion Play” by Cynthia Benson (Short Story)
“Elephant” by Marilyn Horn-Fahey (Flash Fiction)

October 2014 Issue

“Chances” by Blanche Abrams (Short Story)
“Jared’s Shadow” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Flash Fiction)
“Dallying with Dodecapus” by Lita Kurth (Flash Fiction)

August 2014 Issue

“Hermano Francisco” by Rafael Jesús González (Poem)
“Approaching Clouds Ponder the Fate of a Mustard Seed” by Calder Lowe (Poem)
“The Assumption” by Lara Gularte (Poem)
“The Rabbi’s Advice” by David Ebenbach (Prose Poem)
“Family” by Len Anderson (Poem)
“A Simple Bow” by Len Anderson (Prose Poem)

July 2014 Issue

“Something Blue” by Margaret Luongo (Flash Fiction)
“Boy with a Flute” by Mary Lou Taylor (Prose Poem)
“Stroke” by David Ebenbach (Poem)

Father’s Day Tribute

“Father/Son Q&A” by Robert Pesich and Nikola Sava Pesich
“Signal to Noise” by Robert Pesich

Mother’s Day Tribute

“The Collection” by Kathie Isaac-Luke
“Contraction” by Veronica Patterson

May 2014 Issue

“Mixing it Up” by Doug Flaherty (Poem)
“Now I lay me down to sleep.” by Lauren de Lannier (Story)
“Strange Formations” by Tom McKeown (Poem)
“Exceptions” by Blanche Abrams (Story)
“Waiting in Airports” by Jean Emerson (Prose Poem)

March 2014 Issue

“Pity The Poor Cat Who Mourns” by Grace Cavalieri (Poem)
“Strapless” by Parthenia M. Hicks (Poem)
“Forty-one” by Margaret Luongo (Story)