The Light on His Feet

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Calder Lowe has stockpiled some stunning prose here, coming full-force at the top of her writing career. Much of her fiction is peopled with unsentimental events — human behavior showing its startling self in a scaffolding of psychological action/adventure — fierce and bleeding.

— Grace Cavalieri, Producer/Host: “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress

Calder Lowe’s lush descriptions depict the wrecks and cruel jokes of life, re-contextualized with humor and the soaring spirit of one who has triumphed through survival and appreciation of the now. Strong-willed and strong-voiced, her protagonists act — boldly, decisively, in ways that are sure to surprise. Lowe balances hard truth-telling with delightful whimsy and playfulness, to create a collection with variety, humor, warmth, and sympathy.

— Margaret Luongo is the author of the story collection If the Heart is Lean (LSU Press). She is an associate professor of creative writing at Miami University.

We meet Calder Lowe’s compelling characters at critical junctures in their lives. Themes of faith, mercy, redemption, despair, betrayal and revenge all figure prominently in this collection of meticulously crafted stories that feel spontaneous and intimate, offering great psychological and emotional complexity. Scenes and points of view change through the collection: Jesus Christ visiting septuagenarian Anna Marie in her living room, the consummation of Ingeborg’s union to Thor, a redemption in a gas station, and the remarkable story of Charlene’s first period. The stories are witty, lyrical and sometimes dark with open ended conclusions that leave your imagination reeling as to the possible outcomes. Overall, the collection is wonderfully entertaining and life-affirming, drawing from a wide range of experiences. Enter apartment 401B and see what a simple sliver of morning sunlight can do for two people. These stories will follow you for a long time with their surprising turns and revelations.

— Robert S. Pesich is the Editor of Swan Scythe Press and the President of Poetry Center San José

Utterly captivating! Calder Lowe’s writing is startling and luminous. With razor sharpness and wry humor, she captures images that build toward beautiful, haunting portraits, imbued with the terror, wonder, and joy of being alive.

— Trey Nichols, Playwright/Performer and former Literary Director of Moving Arts Theater, Los Angeles