Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest

Poems by B.H. Fairchild (c2003)

W.W. Norton &Company, Inc. 125 pgs.
$22.95 (ISBN: 0-393-05096-3)

In the landscape of our lives, there is a sacred space, if we can reach it. Poets strive forever to find the ground that lies between what existed and what can exist. This rare earth of poetry is found only with great luck and persuasion. B.H. Fairchild takes us there. His poems are the terrain of true sight… back toward memory and vision…from what we are to what we might  become. It is in this space, in this moment, where poetry lasts. Fairchild is ‘in an American grain’. He offers us the darkness, the loneliness and the light of America’s Heartland.